A change of perspective…

In the fall of 2018, a small group of local church leaders began discussing the possibility of a Sunday morning when all the churches that wished to participate would join together in a Sunday morning of service in the community of Clifton.  

They began pondering how they might shift the perspective of their congregations to not only see who their neighbors were, but to work with and get to know those neighbors.

They began listing qualities of good neighbors.  

Good neighbors 

– have fun together, 

– help each other on projects

– care for and take care of each other

They began to wonder “What would it be like if all of Clifton saw itself as a large neighborhood?”   In this way, anyone could contribute to the needs of another neighbor, be it in specific skills, elbow grease or just friendship.  The best part of looking at the city of Clifton as a large neighborhood is that the mindset and relationships can last for longer than the day!


Who may participate?

Neighborhood Clifton is open to all the churches and everyone in the community of Clifton.  We intentionally have designed projects so that people from age 5 to 105 can participate.  This is not just something for young people or people who do the heavy lifting. There will be indoor and sit-down projects happening at each participating local church. If someone does not have a church home in Clifton, they are encouraged to find a church through which to be a part of for the day.

This effort is sponsored by the Clifton Ministerial Alliance.  If you don’t know if your church is part of the Ministerial Alliance, ask church leadership and encourage them to join in this effort.

Why is it happening on a Sunday?

To burst out of the comfort zones of our individual churches’ walls and flood the community with the love of Jesus through service.

Where do I sign up?

We thought you’d never ask – online signup.

or we’ll have forms to fill out and turn in at participating churches.

Steering Committee Members:


Rev. Mary Gean Cope (First United Methodist Church)


Phone 254-675-3984

Rev. Steve Countryman (Clifton Church of Christ)



Kathy Meissner (Immanuel Lutheran Church)


Phone 817-713-0081

Ted Jones (Community)

Nina Dowden (Holy Angels Catholic Church)

Steering Team Advisor

Bro. Jerry Smith (First Baptist Church)